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My results are amazing! BodyTite has totally re-contoured my figure and changed my body type completely. It feels like my skin has tightened and formed back to my body and I can see I don’t have saggy skin or rolls anymore. Three years after having my baby, I feel like I have a new body image and my shape back

I was looking for a procedure that would allow me a firmer tummy and midsection without the scar and pain associated with a full blown Tummy Tuck, and after countless hours of research I found it. I never thought that liposuction could do this much, thanks to BodyTite my stomach is as flat as it was before my 2 girls and my waist is tighter then I think it ever was!

It has been nearly three months since my treatment and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! Pre-surgery my waist was 112 cm, its now 85 cm, over 10.5 inches gone! The skin on my tummy is pretty taut as well, I don’t have that loose flap of skin, it’s amazing! This procedure has been absolutely life changing.

The recovery was much faster then my friends who had undergone regular lipo alone and it felt like a hot stone message while it was being performed. Afterwards I would say my body felt like I had gotten a vigorous workout, not bad at all. I was up and about immediately afterwards and my friends had no clue I just had something done

Physician Testimonials

I consider BodyTite the next-generation in non-excisional skin-tightening devices – more evolutionary than revolutionary. …The ability to modulate the skin surface temperature is better than any other system on the market.

For skin tightening, nothing other than BodyTite really works. With competing systems, you may attain as much as 10% improvement in skin tightening. But BodyTite truly causes skin contraction, if used correctly. With BodyTite, you can actually measure skin contraction. With one treatment, I am seeing up to 40% skin retraction… Every single patient of mine has been ecstatically happy with treatment.

With the built-in safety features, I am able to maximize my power levels and reach my endpoints in contouring and temperature, faster. The system has also evolved RF energy to treat from ‘the inside out’ to directly heat the subdermal and subcutaneous layers, which are the optimal target for skin tightening.”

Bodytite adds a new dimension to liposuction and body contouring. It allows you to simultaneously tighten skin whilst removing fat without compromising the other. We have found it to be more effective than laser liposuction when it comes to skin tightening results and have found no other machine that effectively tightens skin like Bodytite that is non-excisional. We are continuously amazed at the skin contraction results as they are always far above our expectations.

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